Understanding Your Home's Electrical Panel Upgrade Needs

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As a homeowner, one thing you should understand is the importance of a quality, functional electrical panel. Keeping your home's electrical panel working at its best means knowing when it needs to be upgraded and understanding the basics of that upgrade process. Here are a few things that you should know.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

Your home's electrical panel plays an important role in maintaining and routing the current to the outlets you need while also preventing costly surges and similar problems. When your electrical panel becomes too crowded from increased power demands, it's in your best interest to consider an upgrade for added capacity and safety. 

You should also consider upgrading your electrical panel if it is outdated. Electrical standards evolve with new safety requirements, and keeping your home's equipment current gives you the best possible protection. Finally, you may start struggling with tripped or failed breakers, which indicate that your electrical panel needs replacement.

When the lights flicker because you turned on an appliance or a breaker trips if you plug in something new, those are indications that your circuit breaker panel is in need of an upgrade.

What Are Some Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel?

If you decide to upgrade your home's electrical panel, you'll get a few different benefits from the process. First, newer electrical panels are safer. This means your home gets greater protection from short circuits and overloads that may cause an electrical fire. In addition, upgrading your electrical panel also improves your home's value. Should you choose to sell in the next few years, this could work to your advantage.

What Is the Upgrade Process?

When you decide to upgrade your electrical panel, your electrician will assess the existing system's capacity first to choose the proper size for your new panel. Then, they will talk with you about your general power needs to ensure that the new panel will accommodate that demand.

In many areas, a permit is required for an electrical panel upgrade. You may even have to have an inspection afterward. Your electrician will tell you if this is necessary, and they can often handle the paperwork on your behalf.

Once the paperwork and permits are addressed, your electrician will shut off the power to your home, disconnect the old panel, and safely remove it from your home. Once the old panel is removed, they will install the new one according to the established plan.

Contact an electrician contractor for more information. 


10 August 2023

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