Signs Of A Home Mold Infestation

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Everyone loves a home that is fresh, clean smelling, and absent of odors. But you've been noticing that no matter how hard you clean, your home still has an underlying musty odor. After some investigating, you've noticed odd colors on your walls and strong fumes of mold. Getting rid of it is a priority. Here are signs of a home mold infestation and how you can restore your space back to normal.

Visible Black Spots

A telltale sign of a mold infestation is seeing black dots and spots covering walls or other porous material in the home. Carpet, wood, and ceiling tiles are other places mold thrives in. These black spots are mold and should be removed immediately. Mold is found in dark, damp areas where standing water or moisture is present. 

Having a leaking roof or pipe in the home are common culprits. A high moisture area that has poor ventilation and consistent humidity can lead to condensation build-up. This is a breeding ground for mole spores. Aside from visibly seeing mold spores, other signs include a slimy surface and smelling a foul, musty, or earthy scent in the air. 

Physical Effects

Home mold removal is essential to help eliminate it entirely. Left untreated, mold can lead to bothersome and life-threatening health effects, including:

  • Red, irritated, watery eyes
  • Itchy skin
  • Sore, irritated throat
  • Sneezing
  • Cough
  • Stuffy nose
  • Wheezing or trouble breathing

Symptoms could be subtle at first, but get worse over time. If air quality does not improve, it can lead to long-term side effects. It can also worsen pre-existing health conditions like asthma and COPD. The next step would be to find a company that specializes in mold testing to get an accurate result. 

Safe Removal

Many homeowners can safely clean up a small mold problem on their own. Using bleach, water, and a scrub brush in a ventilated area can do the trick. But if you are unsure of the extent of your mold issue or it is deep within the walls or flooring, call in a professional contractor. 

In addition, the underlying problem must be addressed to help eradicate the mold issue completely. This means fixing leaky pipes or getting adequate ventilation in high-humidity areas like bathrooms or the laundry room. From there, replace all damaged items affected by mold spores. If you don't, there is a chance the mold can grow and spread, causing the problem to get worse. 

Getting rid of mold in the home doesn't have to be a complicated process. If you notice signs of mold, work on getting rid of it right away. This will reduce odors in the home and help improve the overall respiratory health of everyone. For more information, contact a company like Advanced Mold Professionals.


1 December 2022

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