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When you are looking for new a faucet for your bathroom sink, you should start by realizing just how important this decision is. When you don't put enough thought into the process and have the wrong faucet installed, there are a lot of issues you can have. You may have a hard time turning the faucet on with your arthritic hands in the morning. Also, you can end up with a faucet that's difficult for you to keep clean because you have a hard time reaching certain areas with your sponge or nylon brush. There are so many faucet types and styles, and the perfect one is waiting for you. Consider whether a widespread bathroom sink faucet may be a good one for your bathroom. Here's more on widespread bathroom faucets: 

How widespread bathroom faucets are designed

Widespread bathroom faucets are designed so the tap and the hot and cold faucets all have their own holes where they connect to the underside of the sink. This means they aren't all mounted on the same base. There are quite a few reasons why this design is nice. For one thing, the tap and faucet knobs will have that widespread layout to them. This helps them to look nice on the sink because they take up a bit more space in an area that could look crowded with a faucet on a base. Also, the fact that they are separated more means you can really get between them in order to clean them. Without proper and regular cleaning, soap scum and even calcium deposits can quickly leave your faucet looking like it is in bad shape. 

Styles that widespread bathroom faucets can come in

The widespread bathroom faucets come in many styles, so you will have no problem finding one that is going to work well with the decor of your bathroom. You can get a faucet with turn knobs made of metal, crystal, or another material. Or, you can go with a faucet that has knobs you pull toward you to turn on. People with arthritis often find these to be best because they don't have to close their hands around them to turn the water on. You can also find knobs you pull up on to turn on the water. 


Choosing the right widespread bathroom sink faucet will help to bring more attention to the sink area in a good way. The right faucet will also function in a way that is going to be best for your family.


8 April 2022

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