Important Traits For A Washing Machine Near Your Bedroom


While some peoples' laundry rooms are situated in their basements, there are advantages to having your washer and dryer closer to your bedroom. If you're fed up with carrying multiple baskets of clothing up and down the stairs from your bedroom to your laundry room, for example, you might favor moving things around in your home so that you can install a washing machine and dryer near your bedroom. Many people remodel their homes so that they can use these appliances in a hall closet, and this can be an idea you wish to pursue. If you're shopping for a new washer for this new location, here are some traits that will be important.

Shallow Depth

While a washing machine that has a deep body may be a good fit in a spacious laundry room, you'll generally want to take a different approach when you're setting up your washer and dryer in a closet near your bedroom. Hall closets are often very shallow, so in this scenario, it's ideal to choose a washing machine that has a shallow depth. There are lots of these appliances on the market from all sorts of manufacturers, so you should have no trouble choosing one that will be a good fit for the closet.

Quiet Operation

A lot of people put loads of laundry in their washers when they go to bed with the plan to dry the clothing in the morning. If you frequently adopt this habit, you'll want to ensure that your new washer runs quietly. The decibels that a washing machine produces may not matter when the appliance is situated one or more floors away from your bedroom, but when it's near where you sleep, you want it to run quietly. It's easy to learn the decibel rating for different washers, and you should aim to buy the quietest one that fits your budget.


Another thing to think about when you'll have your washing machine running near your bedroom is the degree to which this machine vibrates. Some amount of vibration is natural in every washer, given the job that it performs, but certain models vibrate more than others. If you were to buy a machine that vibrates heavily, you'd likely be aware of it while you're trying to sleep. Look for a model that has an anti-vibration function, as this will help to make you less aware of the washer when it's in use.

Visit a local appliance dealer to buy a washing machine and dryer that suit the specifications you are looking for.


4 August 2021

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