Look For A Sofa That Has Removable Back Cushions


There are several things to notice about the back cushions on a sofa when you're evaluating whether this piece of furniture will be a good fit for your living room. Perhaps the first thing that you'll assess is how comfortable the back cushions are, but another thing to think about is whether you can remove them from the piece of furniture. In some sofas, the back cushions are sewn into place. In others, you can remove them — this style is sometimes known as a "loose back sofa." There are several reasons that a sofa with removable back cushions can be a better product to buy.

Easier For Cleaning

If you're the type of person who takes pride in keeping your home as clean and tidy as possible, one of the tasks on your cleaning day list is probably to thoroughly clean your furniture. Sofas can accumulate food crumbs, hair, lint, and other debris, much of which ends up beneath the bottom cushions. When you lift the button cushions to vacuum up this debris, you may find that being able to remove the back cushions provides better access so you can thoroughly clean up the mess.

Fun For Children

If you have young children, one of the activities that they might enjoy doing is building forts in the house. Alongside blankets and chairs, sofa cushions are a valuable tool for building good forts, and provided that you're OK with your kids carefully using the cushions in this manner, you might want to buy a sofa that is conducive to this activity. A sofa's seat cushions are typically removable, but when the back cushions are also removable, your kids will have even more sofa pieces to use for their forts.

Potential For More Comfort

While a sofa should be comfortable when you sit on it without moving any of the cushions, a piece of furniture that has removable back cushions can allow you to reposition the cushions at various times for more comfort. For example, if you're taking a sick day and will spend much of your time relaxing on the sofa and watching TV, you might like the idea of removing the back cushion from one side of the sofa and placing it in front of the back cushion on the other side. This will provide even more soft support for your back, shoulders, and neck while you rest in a lounging position with your feet on an ottoman.

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3 May 2021

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