Benefits Of Choosing A Rooftop Tent With Built-In LED Lights

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When you shop for a vehicle rooftop tent, you'll likely be looking at the square footage of the space, the degree to which the exterior is resistant to the weather, and other similar features. One thing that you may be excited to realize is that many rooftop tents today have multiple enhanced features that can be appealing. One such feature is built-in LED lights. Several rooftop tents have LED light strips mounted inside of the space, which will brighten the interior of the tent when you're dealing with low-light situations. Here are some benefits of choosing a tent that has built-in lights.

A Secondary Light Won't Be In The Way

If you were to buy a rooftop tent without built-in lights, you'd need a way to light it — perhaps with a lantern-style flashlight that you can place in the middle of the tent when you need it. Doing so might seem like a good idea, but it has its challenges. Namely, this light can constantly be in the way when you're setting up your sleeping space — perhaps to the point that you knock it over multiple times. Built-in LED lighting is ideal because it's mounted directly to the walls or ceiling of the tent, meaning that it won't be in the way.

You Won't Drain Your Smartphone Battery

Many people use the flashlight function on their smartphone as a way to brighten a dark space. This is another idea that can seemingly make sense, but that actually has some drawbacks. If it takes you a long time to set up your sleeping area or you wish to read for an hour before you go to bed, you'll use up a considerable percentage of your smartphone battery. The last thing that you want on a camping trip is a cellphone that dies, especially if you're using its GPS function to navigate where you're going. With built-in tent lighting, you won't have to worry about draining your phone's battery.

Shadows Will Seldom Be An Issue

When you place any type of light on the floor of your rooftop tent, you'll find that your body will often block it — resulting in shadows behind you. This might not be an issue for a solo camper, but if you're sharing the tent with someone, they might be frustrated with how you're blocking the light. A tent that has built-in LED lighting is handy because you'll seldom have to deal with shadows. Because the lights are situated above you, they'll brighten the space in an unimpeded manner.

For more information about vehicle rooftop tents with built-in LED lights, contact a local tent supplier.


3 November 2020

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