3 Tips For Finding An Ergonomic Office Chair


The right office chair should be comfortable and ergonomic, which means it will allow you to rest and work in a position that won't put excess strain on your back, body, or joints. However, finding the right office chair can be tricky, especially if you haven't shopped for an ergonomic design before. Here are three tips for finding an ergonomic office chair. 

1. Try Them Out In Person

When you start shopping for a comfortable office chair, get ideas online, and then visit showrooms in person to try out different varieties. While many versions may look like they would work, you might be surprised to try different chairs. 

As you try out office chairs, try to mimic the actions you could make everyday while working. Try the chair out near a desk that resembles your desk in height, profile, and edge shape, so you can gain a more accurate idea of what the chair will feel like in person. As you sit in the chair, pay attention to where your arms fall, how your back feels, and whether or not you can have your feet flat on the ground. 

2. Read Reviews

Read as much as possible about different chairs before investing in any one brand. Check out what people say about the chair, as well as how the chairs look after the age a little. Look at pictures that past shoppers may have of the chairs, and pay attention to any reviews that list specific, identical problems. For instance, if a certain chair has several reviews about the wheels not rolling properly, it could be a sign that there is something wrong with this portion of the chair. 

3. Ask About Manufacturer's Warranties

Call the furniture manufacturer to see if they offer warranties on the product you are considering. For instance, some manufacturers may have warranties on the wheels, the seat hydraulics, or the upholstery, which can be handy if you tend to be hard on furniture. Additionally, find out how you would request service for these warranties later, just in case anything happens. 

When you are in the market for any kind of office furniture, be aware of what is out there on the market. Many times, people buy the first thing they find that will work for the space, when there are several varieties to select from. Be mindful of what you have available to you, and always be true to what you want and what you need.  

For more tips on finding an ergonomic office chair, reach out to a local furniture store.


18 June 2020

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