Signs You Need To Call A Mouse Extermination Service

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If you have an infestation of mice in your home, a professional exterminator can remove the mice from your residence. They can only help you, however, if you first recognize that there's an infestation. Here are signs that mice have started living in your home and you need to call a mouse extermination service.

See Mice Inside Your Main Rooms

Just because you see a mouse doesn't necessarily mean that you need to call a mouse extermination service. 

Mice outdoors in your yard or a nearby field don't pose a current threat to your home, and even a single mouse in a garage could've wandered in there by accident. Leave the mice that are outdoors alone, and set a trap yourself if you spot one mouse in the garage. If the trap catches the mouse quickly and there's no other sign of mice, you should be all set.

Should you notice multiple mice in any room or a single mouse in one of your home's main rooms, however, you likely have an infestation problem.

Multiple mice are a clear sign that there's a bunch of them around, and they must all be removed in order to prevent continued population growth. Removing a large number of mice is a project that's beyond what many homeowners want and are able to do, so it's best to have a professional exterminator quickly eliminate the population.

Any mouse in one of your home's main rooms, such as a bedroom or kitchen, is a sign that the mouse is living somewhere in one of your home's commonly used rooms. To get this far in the house, the mouse must have been inside for some time — and there's a good chance there are others. An exterminator can remove the mouse and check for any others that are indoors.

Notice Pets Go Crazy

If you have a dog or cat, trust their instincts. They're natural predators of mice, and they'll often know before you do if a mouse takes up residence in your home. Should you notice a dog or cat going crazy without explanation, you may have a mouse or other rodent living indoors. An exterminator will be able to determine what the rodent is and how to best remove it.

Knawed Holes in Clothing

Knawed holes in clothing is a sign that you might have a rodent who chews indoors, and mice are some of the most common rodents that chew. If you notice holes in clothing that can't be explained, contact a mouse extermination service to check for mice.

Reach out to a mice extermination service in your area today for more information.


30 April 2020

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