Sources Of Reclaimed Lumber: The Benefits To Using This Wood Source For You And The Environment

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Reclaiming lumber is a great way of recycle old buildings, giving new life to wood left behind from broken down barns, factories and warehouses. The unique variety of wood that you can find from reclaimed resources gives you options that aren't available as new wood today. With the unique patterns of old wood, new structures or products that are created out of reclaimed wood are unique. It's a way to bring part of the past into the future, and it's a sustainable way to help the environment.

Natural Resources are Diminished

When you use wood that has been reclaimed, your aren't using wood from the slowly diminishing resources because of cutting down too many trees in the forests. The forests can remain intact, and the reliance on virgin lumber is reduced. Getting the wood prepared for use is less harmful to the environment than processing wood that is new. In addition, types of wood that are reclaimed wood might include some types that are no longer found naturally.

Mature Wood Is Found In Old Structures

The constant need for wood has made it almost impossible for commercial tree growers to wait until trees have reached their full size. Trees that are allowed to grow until they reach maturity are big, producing larger, wide planks for you to use in a variety of ways for building. Mature wood doesn't split as easily, and it is generally stronger than virgin wood from trees that didn't grow to maturity. When you use wood that has already been weathered, it's going to last longer than fresh wood. 

Reclaimed Wood Has Been Seasoned

Using reclaimed wood that has already dried out thoroughly over the years is going to be less likely warp or split because it has been seasoned well. It's more durable wood than fresh timber, and it's often more dense because it was allowed to grow to maturity.

When you want to use reclaimed lumber, the biggest draw to this resource is character. Pieces are all different, giving you the ability to work with a unique product to create something new and enchanting. It helps to remember that reclaimed wood is also a finite resource, as there are only so many old barns that are left standing made out of old, large planks of wood. As you work on your building project, enjoy the variety of reclaimed wood options you can find. As you bring life to old materials, this will bring you joy.

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9 December 2016

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