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New furniture is an investment, so you want to make sure that it can stand up to the wear and tear of the kids in your home. This is where your upholstery choice really matters. The right type of upholstery will be less prone to damage and staining, which can be an issue with children. The following guide can help you pick the best type of upholstery.

Fabric choices

There are two options when it comes to the type of fabric that stand out when you need something durable and kid-friendly – leather and microfiber.

Leather is nearly impossible to stain, and its smooth surface means that it can be wiped clean with little more than a damp rag. Opt for a thicker leather so that it's difficult to puncture it. Real leather tends to be more durable, although faux leather does offer many of the same benefits at the fraction of the price.

Microfiber, sometimes called microsuede, is another excellent option due to its durability. This synthetic fiber is inherently stain resistant – meaning that the tight weave makes it difficult for stains to soak too deeply into the fibers. It can usually just be vacuumed cleaned, and what stains may occur can usually be removed with an upholstery shampooing.

Design options

It's best to stay away from single-color fabrics, especially in lighter colors, when shopping for new furniture. Patterns are best, especially irregular patterns that can mask any dirt or stains. If you prefer a solid color, stick to darker shades so dirt doesn't show as much.

On leather furniture, opt for a distressed leather to help hide scratches. No matter how careful you are, chances are your child will scratch smooth leather with their toys or shoes. Distressed leather has natural color variations that hide these scratches so that the furniture remains attractive, even after heavy use.

Other tips

  • Skip overstuffed furniture styles, since these are more likely to become torn under heavy use.

  • Always splurge on the stain treatment so cleaning is much easier.

  • Detached cushions are better, as attached cushions may become ripped off by roughhousing kids.

  • Make use of throw blankets, especially on leather couches, to protect the upholstery while still looking stylish.

  • Opt for utilitarian designs instead of those with moving parts, like recliners, since this means there are fewer pieces to break.

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15 November 2016

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