Can't Afford A Landscaper? 5 Ways To DIY The Same Look

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If you're on a tight budget, hiring a professional landscaping service to design and maintain your yard is usually an impossibility. But there are ways you can still mimic the look of a beautiful yard that has an expert staff caring for it. Here are 5 budget-friendly tips for any homeowner.

Know How to Mow. One big thing that most people notice about a professionally-landscaped lawn is the diagonal "ballpark" look of the grass. To capture this look, start with a well-functioning lawn mower to ensure nice, clean lines. Talk to a company like Roy-Boys Inc about what mowers are available. Then, identify two opposite corners -- one on the front of the lawn (or area being mowed) and one on the rear of it -- and cut a single, straight row with your mower from one to the other. If you can't eye it up, lay out a garden hose to help guide you. You then use this line to continue cutting diagonally in strips outward until it's all done. Repeat the process the other direction if you want "diamonds" in the yard. 

Keep it Green. Professionals know that a yard looks better and more cared-for if it's green all year long. You can achieve a more "evergreen" look by using actual evergreens. Evergreen shrubs and trees don't have to be large, messy or appear harsh. Look for shrubs like boxwood, holly, or arborvitae -- which are all often used by professionals working with formal gardens. Be sure to keep evergreen plants well-trimmed, and remove debris or dead branches regularly. 

Create a Focal Point. A single focal point in your lawn gives your visitors' eyes something to rest on and a "destination" to take as a cue for your whole yard. Your focal point can be a single tree surrounded by colorful flowers or a short, round stone retaining wall. Or it may be a bubbling water feature or sculpture. A focal point is a chance to show off your personality while making the yard feel like it was designed by a pro.

Clean Up the Walkway. For many, the walkway is a defining backbone of the yard's aesthetic. Take the time to spruce up your walkway no matter what it's made of. If the concrete, wood, or stones are old and broken, consider removing and replacing them. Walkway material doesn't need to be expensive -- you can use pea gravel, pavers, brick or even reclaimed wood, depending on your overall theme -- but it should be in good shape, free from debris, and stand out nicely from the surrounding grass.

Light it Up. Landscape lighting isn't something most DIY gardeners put a lot of thought into. Make your yard stand out by properly lighting it for ambiance. There are a variety of landscape lights on the market for different areas of the yard -- including built-in paver lights, solar stake lights for walkways, spotlights to shine up into trees, and even "moon lighting" that can be placed in the trees for a romantic look.

By knowing how to harness the things that make a yard look professionally maintained, you can often do the same on your own for a fraction of the cost. The result will be a yard you can enjoy on your tight budget. 


8 July 2016

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