Clean A Window Air Conditioning Unit's Cover And Interior


If you have been operating your living room's window air conditioning unit on a daily basis and have recently noticed that cool air isn't blowing out through its vents, the unit's cover may need to be cleaned and debris may be trapped in portions of its interior. Learn how to eliminate dirty buildup with the following steps in order to fix the problem.


  • drop cloth
  • vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment
  • pan of soapy water
  • scrub brush
  • water hose
  • towels
  • naval jelly
  • sponge
  • spray designed to inhibit rust
  • filter

Remove And Clean The Cover

Turn off the air conditioning unit and place a drop cloth on the floor in front of it to catch dust or dirt from the unit's interior. Remove the machine's cover and inspect the vents that run across it. If debris is trapped inside of them, use the hose to a vacuum cleaner to remove it. If the cover has a dirty surface, bring it outside to clean it. Slide the filter out of its holder from the backside of the cover.

Fill a shallow pan with soapy water and dip the cover inside of it. Use a scrub brush to assist with removing dirty residue. Rinse the cover off with a water hose and dry its surface with a towel.

Clean The Unit's Interior

Bring the cover back indoors and inspect the unit's interior. Move a vacuum cleaner's hose across the interior components to suck up any dust that is stuck in crevices. If there is any rust on portions of the metal, apply naval jelly to them with a sponge. After the rust begins to disintegrate, use a damp sponge to assist with removing the rest of it. Rinse the sponge out with plain water and wipe it over each of the areas that were treated. Dry the interior off well with a towel when finished.

To prevent rust from forming again, apply an even coating of a spray that is designed to inhibit rust on metal pieces and wait for the metal surfaces to dry.

Replace The Filter And Secure The Cover

If the air conditioning unit's filter has a lot of dirty buildup on its surface, purchase a replacement filter and insert it in the proper location behind the cover. Reattach the unit's cover. Turn on the power to the air conditioning unit. Cool air will be blow through the vents in a normal manner.

For more assistance, contact an air conditioning repair company in your area.


15 June 2016

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