How Your Outdoor Lighting Affects The Number Of Insects Present In Your Yard

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If you notice there are several insects in your yard during warmer months, they most likely congregate around light sources when the sun goes down. Since lighting is attractive to bugs, using the right type on the exterior of your home can be helpful in keeping these intruders away from your doors, making it less likely they will slip inside when one opens. Here are some tips to use when deciding what type of lighting to use on your home to keep bugs at bay.

Use Lower Wattage To Make The Area Unattractive

If insects frequent your porch nightly, your lights can be dimmed so they are less likely to be attracted to the area. Switch your lighting to a lower wattage so insects may not notice the illumination as readily. It is a good idea to turn the lights off periodically so any loiterers will fly away and move on to other areas. This can reduce the amount of insects on the porch tremendously.

Swap Incandescent Bulbs For Colored LED Bulbs

When deciding what wattage to use in your lights outdoors, consider that LED light bulbs use a lot less wattage than incandescent bulbs do. Regular white LED bulbs do not emit ultraviolet rays, helping to keep the amount of insects down as a result. Unfortunately, they do not eliminate bugs altogether. One great way to reduce the insects on your porch is with the use of colored LED bulbs. Yellow bulbs will work best at keeping insects away from an area, as they cannot see these colors as easily as colors on the other end of the spectrum. such as blue or violet. This simple bulb swap out can easily alter the amount of insects nearby. Click here to continue reading more about LED lighting.

Point Light In A Different Direction

If insects keep visiting one light on your home's exterior, consider purchasing a different fixture so it is not seen from a distance away. A light that points the illumination down toward the floor will be less likely to be an attraction to bugs than a fixture where the bulb can be seen from all angles. A fixture where the bulb is inserted into a deep hooded portion can also be beneficial in reducing the number of insects in the area. Another alternative is to use a light away from the porch to illuminate the front of your home. Consider installing a street light style fixture along your front sidewalk to keep bugs a good distance from your home.


26 April 2016

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