Cozy Tips For A Family-Friendly Farmhouse Kitchen

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A country or farmhouse kitchen should feel warm and welcoming. Kitchens in farmhouses are the hub of the family, a space for gathering over daily tasks. The style is rustic – your aim is for a touch of down-home comfort with enough modern style to make it useful. A country kitchen should be unpretentious but able to accommodate cooking large meals and entertaining the family. Design your kitchen with the cozy details of country style.

Choose a Cheery Palette

Your palette is going to go a long way toward setting the ambience in your kitchen. A cheerful palette is welcoming and warm. Shades of yellow are traditional for country style. You can utilize yellow for the walls and leave the cabinets natural. Alternatively, paint the walls white and the cabinets yellow. When selecting tile, look for natural hues, such as pine green and sky blue. Beadboard and even rustic wallpaper make attractive accents to your countrified palette.

Install Granite Countertops

Family and friends should feel comfortable pitching in to help in meal preparation. Granite countertops offer the natural profile characteristic of the country kitchen paired with durability. Kitchen helpers can feel comfortable working directly on the surface since it's so easy to clean.

Granite comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Consider one of the traditional styles with warm colors for the veins or speckles. Alternatively, black granite with a honed surface makes for a rustic profile. Either way, stick with one of the unpretentious edges, such as eased or basic beveling.

Create a Multi-Level Island

When you're gathering in the kitchen, a lot of different activities are probably taking place. For that reason, have a kitchen island with multiple levels installed. One option is to cozy a table right up to a standard island, as Better Homes and Garden describes. Alternatively, have the island be a single installation with two levels of countertop. Either way, designate one area for dining or other non-prep related activities. For example, outfit the shorter section with shelving for office supplies to facilitate homework. To keep the look cohesive on the multi-level island, have the same color granite installed.

Add a Breakfast Nook

A multi-level island probably provides only limited casual dining space. Add to that with a breakfast nook. If possible, locate it near windows – bump-out bay windows are traditional spaces for breakfast nooks. Make a country table the centerpiece of your nook. You can have banquet seating built in under the windows, which even gives you space for storage. Wooden chairs and cheerful café curtains complete the cozy breakfast nook.

Details such as granite countertops and a cozy breakfast nook make your country kitchen the hub of family activity.


26 April 2016

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