Investing In Hardwood Floors: Things To Know

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Are you ready to give the carpeted rooms in your house a new look? It may be time for you to remove the carpet and get hardwood floors installed, as you will enjoy multiple benefits that make the investment worthy. Find out in this article what you should know about hardwood floors so you can decide if they are right for your house or not.

Why Are Hardwood Floors a Good Investment?'

One of the benefits of having hardwood floors in your house is the way it can complement any style that you choose for furniture and decorating. No matter how many times you change out the furniture throughout the years, wood floors will also look good with your choices. Hardwood floors are also the best way to keep your house from getting an odor, which is sometimes a problem with carpeted flooring. You will find that hardwood floors can last for a long time (even if they get scratched up) because they can be resurfaced and stained to look new. Cleaning the floors will also be simple to do because all you have to do is use a broom or mop, plus the wood won't accumulate stains like carpet will.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Consider for Hardwood Floors?

If you have a lot of windows in your house and love keeping the curtains or shades open, hardwood floors can become faded from sun exposure. However, sun exposure shouldn't be a problem if you limit the amount of it that is in your home each day. Another disadvantage that can pose a problem for hardwood floors is a humid environment. You don't want your hardwood floors exposed to a lot of humidity because the moisture it creates can lead to the wood deteriorating. For instance, the hardwood floors can start to buckle up and lose form.

How Much Are Hardwood Floors Estimated to Cost?

The overall price to get hardwood floors installed in your house will depend on the type that you choose and the square footage that is needed. Another thing that will be factored into the price is getting the surface of the flooring finished with a stain. You should expect to pay at least $8 per square foot if you want the standard sized strips of solid wood planks installed. Planks of wood that are wide will cost more. Talk to a contractor about installing hardwood floors in your house as soon as possible! Contact a business, such as the Flooring Gallery, for more information.      


29 December 2015

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