How To Create An Elegant Living Room

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Are you redecorating you living room or are you starting from scratch? Perhaps it has stood empty for quite some time and you are now having the fun of decorating it for the first time. No matter the scenario, if you have chosen to create an elegant mood in your living room, here are some ideas that may inspire you to design something unique and beautiful.

Start With The Floors - Do you want something quiet and peaceful, or are you going for something bold and dramatic?

  • For quiet elegance, think about using subtle colors. If you're having carpet installed, soft gray, powder blue, pale mocha, off-white, or white would be great color choices. 
  • If you are selecting wood for a peaceful feeling, consider a light blond color.
  • Another good choice for subtle elegance would be crema marfil marble. Translated into English, crema marfil means cream marble. So, just picture the velvet look of cream on your floor. Not only would crema marfil marble be beautiful, but it's very easy to care for. Simply dust mop or sweep it and then go over it with a slightly damp mop.
  • For something bold and dramatic, consider jewel tones if you are selecting carpet. 
  • Dark mahogany or black would be very dramatic and elegant for wood choices.
  • If you want to stick to tile, crema marfil marble is still a good choice, especially if you select white which would be a dramatic look. Crema marfil marble is more affordable than you might imagine. 

The Decor - Think about selecting a traditional theme for your living room. By doing that, you won't be limited to just one style of furniture and decor.

  • For traditional decorating, think about mixing different types of furniture. For example, even though you might select a formal sofa, bentwood rocking chairs would still look nice and they would add a different look to the room. Another example is using a country-style ladder back chair with an elegant French desk.
  • Curved lines lend themselves well to traditional decorating. 
  • Think about using porcelain, crystal and pottery together. 
  • Another great reason for decorating an elegant living room with a traditional theme is that you can combine many forms of art. For example, framed city scenes along with shadow boxes holding family mementos would be a great wall grouping.
  • No matter which furniture and which decorating pieces you have selected, the crema marfil marble will go with anything you have chosen.
  • Think of reserving some of the marble to frame with a saying on it. For example, a piece of crema marfil marble framed in a heavy gold frame with words like It's All About Kindness or Our Legacy Is Love stenciled in gold letters would be a lovely addition to your room.

As you design your living room, consider visiting model homes, museums, and historic homes to get ideas that you can incorporate into your elegant living room.


16 October 2015

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