Window Replacement Safety Tips For Your Home

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If you are replacing windows in your home, there are a few things that you can do to make sure the process goes well. Keeping your home, family, and workers safe needs to be a priority. Here are four safety precautions you should take while windows are being replaced.

1. Keep Kids and Pets Away

Window replacement specialists will be using different types of materials that can be hazardous for your kids and pets. Professional workers, like those at Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., will need a work space for pre-installation that can involve tools and equipment. Besides the dangers of glass, there are binding agents used to install windows and frames as well. It is a good idea to keep kids and pets in a different area of the home or take them to a friend's house if you think they might get too curious.

2. Clear a Path for Workers

If you will be replacing various windows in your home, even ground level windows may require access to the interior of your home. Have items that could get in the way or cause hazards moved, and clear pathways to work areas. If workers may be bringing glass through your home, try to make this as safe of an environment as possible.

3. Keep Valuables Safe

During the window installation process, your doors might be open for a few hours while workers are in and out of the house. It is a good idea to put any valuables or smaller items of worth in a back bedroom or at least hidden from view. This isn't a precaution for window replacement specialists, but from others that might see a house under renovation as an opportunity. You might not have a good grasp on who is working on your home and someone might take advantage and come in your home looking for easy items to steal.

4. Safety Check After Installation

Be sure to do a check inside and out of your home for broken glass or supplies that may have been left behind once your project is complete. It is important that dangerous materials or tools aren't left out that your child might play with or your dog might get into. This is easy to do with the manager of the project while looking at final installations.

Window replacement specialists have seen it all, but it is a good idea to make sure you are ready for them. You can help streamline the process and make their job easier while at the same time keeping your home and workers safe while having windows professionally installed.


17 September 2015

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