Is Cotton Carpet An Eco-Friendly Choice?


When choosing a carpeting material, an important factor on many homeowners' lists is that the carpet is eco-friendly. If you see a cotton carpet, your first instinct may be to assume it is an eco-friendly choice, since after all, cotton is a natural material. The truth is, however, that whether or not your cotton carpet is truly an environmentally friendly choice depends on a few factors.

Organic vs. Nonorganic Cotton

Conventional cotton growing methods are just about the opposite of eco-friendly. More insecticides are used every year to grow cotton than any other crop in the world, and cotton growth accounts for about 10% of the world's pesticide use! These pesticides and insecticides have disastrous consequences; they poison people and birds, and they run off into streams where they work their way into the diets of farm animals. Luckily, organically grown cotton is produced without these dangerous chemicals and is a much more eco-friendly choice.

Before buying any cotton carpet, make double sure that it is made only with organically grown cotton. You'll pay more for an organic cotton carpet than for a conventional one, but if you want to protect the environment with your purchases, it's worth it.

Cleaning Needs

Whether organic or conventional cotton is used to make a carpet is not the only factor that determines how eco-friendly that carpet will be. You also want to look at the methods you'll need to use to keep the carpet clean throughout its lifespan. Ask your carpet salesperson whether the carpet you're thinking of buying can be cleaned with plain hot water or a natural mixture of vinegar and water, or whether it will absolutely require conventional cleaners. Conventional carpet cleaners often contain ingredients that are less-than-great for the environment, so stay away from a carpet that will require them.

Also, keep in mind that you'll be able to get away with using fewer spot cleaners and stain removers on a dark rug than a light one.

Padding and Other Accessories

There are a variety of materials that can be used to make carpet padding and to adhere the carpet to your floor. To ensure you get padding and adhesive that is as eco-friendly as possible, ask your carpet installation specialist to use low-VOC options. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are gaseous emissions that are generated by many carpet padding and adhesive products. They are considered an air pollutant, so avoiding them is important if you want your cotton carpet to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Just because a carpet is made from cotton does not automatically mean it's good for the earth. Make sure you choose a carpet that is made from organic cotton, requires minimal and natural cleaning, and is installed with low-VOC padding and adhesives.

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4 August 2015

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