How To Clean Silk

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Silk is an expensive, beautiful fabric that is, unfortunately, easily ruined. If you somehow get stains on your silk, here are some steps that you can take in order to make sure that you are able to recover this amazing fabric.

1. Spot Treat the Stains

The first step is to spot treat the stains. This involves adding cold water to any stains that are made out of food and applying heavily diluted vinegar to any bloodstains or wine stains. This will allow the stains to be loosened before the actual treatment begins, increasing the chances that you will be able to remove all of the stains.

2. Get the Sink Ready

Fill a large tub, bucket, or sink with lukewarm water. You want the water to not be cold or hot in order to make sure that you don't inadvertently cause further damage to the silk. Lukewarm water will help allow the loosened stains to be removed. Take the shampoo that you use for your hair and a dime-sized amount to the tub. Move your hands around in the water in order to generate some bubbles.

3. Put the Silk In

Next, put the silk in. Make sure that every part of the silk is totally covered by the water. Let it sit for five minutes and them promptly remove it.

4. Work on the Stains

Lay the silk on a flat surface. Feel free to wring it out so that it isn't dripping everywhere. Once it is on a flat surface, take a cup and fill it with water from the bath. Dip your fingers into the cup to get some of the soapy water on them and begin to lightly stroke the stains. Don't put a lot of pressure on them because you will cause permanent damage to the fibers if you do so. Continue doing this until the stains are removed.

5. Prepare the Sink Again

Drain all of the warm, soapy water from the sink, tub, or bucket. Rinse it out to get rid of all of the soap. Then, add a dime size of hair conditioner and fill the tub with cool water. Make sure that you mix the hair conditioner around. Rinse the silk by swishing it around in the water. Get rid of the water from the sink, tub, or bucket and rinse it out so that all of the hair conditioner is removed. Hold the silk underneath the tap and rinse it off.

If you follow these steps, your silk should be free of stains soon. Contact your local fabric store for more information.


15 July 2015

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