3 Ways To Re-Purpose A Decorative Glass Vase

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If you receive flower bouquets every now and then, you already know how easy it is to accumulate extra vases. Or maybe you like to collect different types of vases to use as decoration. Not sure what to do with them all? Here are three great ideas for re-purposing your extra decorative glass vases.

1. Cake Stand

When hosting a bridal shower, baby shower or other party, there's no need to spend big bucks on a glass or crystal cake stand when you can make your own. Here's what you need to do it:

  • Large glass vase with a wide base and flat top
  • Glass plate (an old microwave turn table also works great)
  • Epoxy cement

Using a craft stick or cotton swab, cover the top rim of your vase with a thin layer of epoxy. Lay the plate upside down and adhere the vase to the center of it. Finally, lay a heavy book on top of the base until the epoxy dries.

For a double-decker cupcake stand, simply epoxy the base of a narrow glass bud vase to the center of your cake stand and adhere another plate on top. For a tiered look, use a larger plate for the bottom and a smaller plate for the top layer.

2. Bird Feeder

Create a decorative and functional bird feeder for your garden using a similar technique to the one used for the cake stand. However, there are a few important differences, as noted below. You'll need these materials:

  • Narrow glass or ceramic bud vase
  • Small saucer or small shallow dish
  • Larger shallow dish or plate
  • Epoxy cement

Attach the base of the bud vase to the inside center of your larger shallow dish with epoxy and let it dry completely. Next, spread a layer of epoxy on the top rim of the vase and turn the saucer upside-down so the bud vase can be adhered to the inside center of the saucer. Once dry, you should have a bud vase attached to the inside centers of both shallow dishes.

Flip the bird feeder upside-down so the smaller dish is at the bottom where you'll place the bird seeds. The larger shallow dish on top helps to shelter the seeds from rain and other elements. If you wish to hang it up, an eye hook can be drilled into the bottom of the larger dish before attaching it to the vase.

3. Hanging Candle Lantern

A hanging lantern adds ambiance to your porch or patio on those balmy summer evenings when you want to kick back with a glass of wine outdoors. This DIY candle lantern is easy to create, if you're lucky, you might already own everything you'll need to do it:

  • Large glass vase with wide top and base
  • Roll of craft wire
  • Votive candle

Wrap the craft wire several times around the neck of the vase. Bring the two ends of the wire up over the top rim of the vase and tie together to create a hanging loop. Place the votive candle inside the vase before lighting it with a long fireplace match or a torch lighter.

Don't let those vases just pile up on a shelf and collect dust. Instead, try any of these three re-purposing ideas to breathe new life into your extra glass vases.


22 June 2015

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