Four Appliance Repairs That Can Make You Money

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When you consider learning how to repair items around the home, you likely thought of small repairs liked clogged pipes or replacing a tile here and there. You may not think about appliance repairs or how learning about a few minor repairs can lead to a new and lucrative income. If you are intrigued by the idea of increasing your household income, working for yourself, and starting a new business, then you should consider the four appliance repairs that can turn a profit.

Replacing Belts

Washing machines, dryers, and other home appliances have parts that operate through the use of belts. These belts will become thinner over time and can break. When they do break, the washing tub no longer spins, dryers no longer tumble, and other appliances no longer work properly. If you know how to repair this simple issue, you can take these appliances, repair them, and sell them for their full worth. You can also offer appliance service on-site for a small fee.

Replacing Heating Elements

Dryers, ovens, dishwashers, and older heaters all use heating elements. When these elements break, the owner can either replace them or get a new appliance. If you know how to replace the heating element, then you can make the repair and resell the item just as you would a washer or dryer with a replaced belt.  To replace heating elements you will need to perform some minor electrical work, so remember to have grounded tools or electrician grade tools for this repair.

Metal Fin Repair

Air conditioners and outdoor heat pump units have a grid of metal made of small thin metal fins with space between. These fins can be damaged easily, causing the air to become trapped and the unit to work harder to produce the temperature it needs to maintain the comfort of the home. You can repair these fins by using a fin tool found at hardware stores and automotive supply stores. This is a lucrative appliance service to offer landlords between tenants or as a quick repair option for people with window air conditioner units.

These are just three simple appliance repairs that you can learn to do and build a lucrative appliance service business from. You can advertise your services on classified sites, through social media, and by word of mouth. If you choose to take abandoned items and repair them, remember you will need a shed or other location on your own property for your work. For more information or advice, contact a business such as S & S Appliance Service.


1 April 2015

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