Do You Pine For Great Furniture? Great Options On A Tiny Budget

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If you dream of a house full of beautiful furniture but you have to work with a tight budget, you want to start shopping around for used furniture. If you don't want the veneer furniture options that you have to assemble on your own when you get home, and you pine for solid wood, you can afford it if you are smart.

If you pick out older pieces that need some tender love and care or that can be sanded and stained, you can get the look that you want throughout your home. Here are a few things to consider when looking for used furniture.

Real Wood Can be Sanded

Real wood furniture can be sanded, and it's going to look great. You can have a furniture repair professional sand and stain a solid wood dining table you found at a fraction of the cost of the one you want at a fancy furniture store, and it's going to be the exact color of stain that you want. The wood is going to be stained and treated with a sealant, and it's going to look rich in your home.

People who try to prime over composite furniture and then paint it won't get that natural wood look, and the furniture isn't as durable. Find solid wood pieces and let the professionals buff out the scratches and repair chips and markings, so you can put the pieces in your home.

Reupholster Fabrics

If you find a large couch that you would love to have in the house with solid wood legs and durable wood frame or a set of great wood chairs that have bad fabric on the cushions, have the items professionally reupholstered. With staining and new fabric, the chairs are going to look like they are new from the store. You also may want to add padding, to ensure that the pieces are comfortable.

Customized Glass

Find an old hutch or a coffee table at a garage sale that someone is selling for cheap because it's missing a glass piece. You can have the item restored and have a piece of glass custom cut.

You can get furniture that you are proud to show off in your home for a small cost, and you can avoid the inflated prices at your local furniture stores. Shop around garage sales, antique malls, and classified ads to get the pieces you need. Then simply have them repaired.


27 February 2015

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