Maintaining Sink Efficiency With Kitchen Upgrades

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The kitchen is one of the most productive areas in a modern home. Meals, memories and lots of cleaning take place in the average American kitchen, and you'll want everything moving as smoothly as possible to keep the household happy. If your kitchen sink isn't performing as well as you'd like, consider a few upgrades that could change the way you cook, clean and maintain a happy home.

Old Plumbing Must Go!

Many older homes use pipes that may be too small for modern use. The cost of older pipes was higher than some home builders would like, and were capable of passing only the occasional accidental food droppings from the sink.

Today, advances in plastics and metal recycling have made pipes like Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) much cheaper to obtain and easier to design. PVC can be quickly made and designed into intricate shapes that take advantage of gravity and suction in ways that old pipes simply couldn't without lots of expensive manipulation.

Brass may be more expensive, but it's still within reach of the middle-income Americans--and even those slightly below. Brass pop-up drains with plenty of drainage room can run around $40 at many hardware stores, with waste pipes and supply pipes around $20-30 for a set that can fit inside a kitchen cabinet.

Either option is good for you. PVC has a few environmental concerns that may make homeowners concerned about what kind of water leaves their home, but there is an ongoing debate about the chemicals that can leak from PVC. For kitchen sink purposes, the PVC used has nothing to do with the water you're drinking, cooking with or otherwise consuming.

A Garbage Disposal Helps With Plumbing And Chores

The garbage disposal's role in the kitchen is clear; to pulverize foods and make life easier. You won't have to carry heavy trash bags full of food or suffer the smell of so much wet waste. If that doesn't convince you to upgrade your kitchen with a disposal unit, consider how the disposal can make your plumbing problems less obnoxious.

When a garbage disposal unit pulverizes food, it creates a vortex force of water and near-liquefied food. The vortex spins as it enters your pipes, pushing through the plumbing at a higher speed that isn't likely to get stuck. Food that is stuck in the pipes can be pushed out like a toilet's flush, with the added benefit of leaving the water on and even having hot water to dissolve some of the waste.

Your pipes can become cleaner and easier to unclog with just hot water and some cleaning materials if you prefer. For pipe installation, suggestions about upgrades and other devices you may find handy, contact a plumber such as someone from Hilmans Plumbing.


11 February 2015

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