Controlling Ants In A Child's Room

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Ants often end up in a child's room because kids are more likely to leave behind crumbs and food. Think twice, though, about reaching for the insect spray or plastic ant traps. These can leave behind harmful residue that can affect your child's health. When controlling ants in your kid's room, it's often better to use a professional who has experience in limiting exposure to the pesticide.

Schedule a Visit

Plan for a pre-visit from the pest control company before actual treatment. This gives them a chance to determine the cause of the ant invasion and locate their entry points. You can also discuss safe treatment options for your child's room. In many cases, ants are controlled by injecting the pesticide into cracks in the wall or the space between baseboards near the pests' entry points. This ensures the pesticide isn't in an exposed area. If the ants are from a colony outdoors, it may also be possible to perform most pest treatments outside around the perimeter of your home.

Prepare Your Home

Pesticides for ants aren't randomly sprayed within your home, but you do want to take steps to minimize exposure on your child's belongings. Take some time to thoroughly clean their room before the pest control company arrives – pick up toys, clothing and other items your child frequently touches and place them in a high area. You will also need to do this in other rooms to make sure pesticide doesn't get on any items that can end up in your child's hands or mouth. As you clean, wipe down toys with a damp cloth. This removes any food residue from sticky hands, which could be one of the things that is attracting the ants.

Plan a Day Outing

Modern pesticides for home use are usually no concern for humans once they have dried, which can take two to four hours. Your pest control professional will let you know the specific wait time, depending on the type of pesticide they use. Keep your child out of the house until you are sure it is safe to return.

Ants can be a headache, but don't let their removal compromise your child's safety. You can further prevent future infestations by keeping food in sealed containers and minimizing crumbs by cleaning promptly after meals. Going forward, monthly outside perimeter ant treatments may also prevent the ants from making it into the home.


2 February 2015

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