The Advantages Of High-Quality Flower Bulbs

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Regardless of whether your idea of a beautiful garden is a completely organized Asian-themed affair with garden seeds planted in their appropriate boxes and grass seed mixes filling in the spaces between, or a more of a free for all with wildflower seeds strewn about, sometimes getting mixed in with the vegetable seeds, high-quality flower bulbs can make it even better.

Flower bulbs are easy to plant and care for and grow into some of the most intricate and astonishingly beautiful flowers ever to be seen in a garden but only if you get high-quality ones.

Avoid Cheap Substitutes

Like many things in life, there really is no cheaper substitute for well-cultivated, high-quality flower bulbs. These better bulbs are often the result of years of work by a single nursery and can be counted on to produce the same flowers you saw in the catalog, year after year.

Knock-off bulbs, those that promise to adorn your garden with flowers every bit as beautiful as the designer bulbs but at a fraction of the cost, should be avoided. You have no guarantee that the flowers they will produce will be nearly as nice as the more expensive ones.

More importantly, these bulbs may not have clean bloodlines or be first generation grafts. This means that although the flowers produced the first year may be everything you hoped for, succeeding generations may fail to delight. 

Avoid Empty Gardens

While flower bulbs tend to be incredibly hardy and able to bounce back from a wide variety of mishaps, they can be and frequently are, damaged by extreme temperatures or moisture levels during shipping or while sitting on a shelf in a storeroom. The vendors of the more expensive, high-quality flower bulbs are more likely to ensure that their bulbs are protected during transit and arrive to you in prime growing condition.

While problems with moisture may be apparent, bulbs that have gotten too dry may appear shriveled and those that were allowed to get wet may show signs of mold growth or have a bad smell, problems caused by temperature fluctuations may not be.

Because bulbs lie dormant until placed in warm, moist soil it is very difficult to determine whether they have been damaged by heat or cold before you purchased them. You have to be able to trust the nursery or person selling the bulbs to you when they tell you the bulbs are in prime growing condition. To learn more, contact a company like with any questions you have.


21 January 2015

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