How To Prevent Damage To Your Piano During The Restoration Process


Having a piano in the home can be a wonderful thing. Not only can it be a truly beautiful addition, but it can provide you and your family with a way of making music and can serve as a wonderful family heirloom. Unfortunately, it's common for pianos to start showing their age over the years, but you can restore yours to make it beautiful again. If you're worried about your piano getting damaged during the process, you shouldn't be. If you follow these tips, you can help prevent any problems.

Use Carpet to Protect the Pieces

When disassembling your piano to paint it and make other repairs, make sure that you lay down a piece of carpet remnant on the floor in your work area. This will provide a protective padding to help prevent parts from becoming scratched and damaged.

Label Parts and Use a Diagram

Don't assume that you will remember where to put each piece as you're disassembling your piano. Instead, label each piece, and consider making a diagram of where each part goes. It can become overwhelming to put all of the pieces back into place, and if you put a part in the wrong place or forget to put a piece back, then you could have trouble with your piano later.

Wait Until Pieces are Completely Dry

Don't get in too much of a hurry to reassemble your piano if you have painted or stained the parts. Otherwise, you could cause damage due to the wet paint or stain. Carefully feel all sides of each piece before putting it back. If it feels even slightly tacky, you should give the pieces a few more days to dry thoroughly.

Wipe it Down Constantly

During the refinishing process, it's common for dust and dirt to accumulate. If you paint on top of this dirt or dust, or if you reassemble your piano without cleaning it thoroughly, then you may see imperfections in the paint or stain. Plus, the dirt or dust can affect the operation and sound of the piano. Keep a clean, soft and dry cloth on hand to regularly dust the piano and all of its pieces.

Leave it to a Professional

Even if you love tackling do-it-yourself projects, it can pay to leave this type of job to a professional. By hiring a piano refinishing professional like JFC Furniture Refinishing, you can help ensure that the job is done correctly.

If you want your piano to look its best after the restoration process, then it's important to remember these things. Then, you can end up with the beautifully refinished piano that you want.


12 January 2015

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